Russia Brands Meta Extremist, Bans Instagram and Facebook

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Since March 4, Facebook has been banned in Russia.

Hyderabad: The parent corporation of the two social networks, Meta Platforms Inc., has been labelled as "extremist" by a Moscow court, which has ordered a ban on Facebook and Instagram in Russia.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office said in its judgement on Monday that the complaint was filed to safeguard Russians against "a breach of their rights."

The prosecutors stated that "Meta has violated its own rules by allowing posts with violent speeches towards the Russian military and has ignored more than 4,500 requests to remove fake information on Russia’s special military operations and calls for unauthorised rallies."

The court's decision will take effect immediately, but it will have no impact on WhatsApp.

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According to a BBC story, the Russian media must officially label Meta as an "extremist" organisation anytime it is referenced.

According to Russia's Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, the designation must now be stated every time Meta is referenced in the media.

Meta has also been barred from conducting business in Russia after the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Federal Security Service accused the social media behemoth of operating against Moscow and its military forces.

Since March 4, Facebook has been restricted in Russia.

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