Queen’s Monday Funeral Security to Cost Whopping Rs 59 Crore

Her Majesty The Queen's coffin is taken in Procession to Westminster Hall. (Courtesy : @RoyalFamily via Twitter) - Sakshi Post

London (UK) : Queen Elizabeth's funeral is set to take place on Monday, September 19 and it is expected to cost a whopping USD 7.5 million (around Rs 59 crores) for the final journey.

Protecting Queen Elizabeth's funeral will be the most expensive single-day operation in UK history, costing over USD 7.5 million, New York Post reported. 

Number of foreign leaders and other high-level dignitaries are expected at the funeral on Monday. To provide security cover to these leaders, the British Mi5 and Mi6 intelligence agencies, London's Metropolitan Police, and the Secret Service will work together.

"This is the biggest policing operation that the United Kingdom policing has ever undertaken," New York Post quoted Simon Morgan, a former Royal security officer, as saying.

London will be covered with heavy security — from marksmen and observers perched on rooftops and observation points, to police dispersed among the crowd —  with police and intelligence officers anticipating a "substantial threat of terrorism," Morgan said.

"When you look at the other events, they were big -- the Prince and Prince of Wales' wedding in 2011 was the biggest -- but in comparison to this, you can't compare it," he said.

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William and Kate's 2011 wedding had heavy police deployment. According to the New York Post, Police costs for the 2011 wedding were an estimated USD 7.2 million.

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