Queen Elizabeth's Coffin Was Made Decades Ago

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Queen Elizabeth's II funeral is going to take place at 11:00 BST on 19 September 2022 and it will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. Queen Elizabeth II's lying-in-state at Westminster Hall will come to an end in the early morning. At 08:00 BST, the doors of Westminster Abbey will open for guests ahead of her funeral at 11:00.

She will be carried on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy, drawn by 142 sailors. The coffin was taken by horse-drawn gun carriage to the Houses of Parliament, where it lay in state for four days. The carriage was last seen in 1979 for the funeral of Prince Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten and was used for the Queen's father, George VI, in 1952.

According to the reports, Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was made over 30 years ago and it was made of English oak. The coffin is lined with lead, to preserve the mortal remains following its burial in a crypt.

Andrew Leverton, a funeral director at Leverton & Sons, previously told the British outlet the Times said, "The lead lining makes the coffin so heavy that eight military bearers will carry it on the day of the queen's funeral."

According to the sources, coffins for the royal family are made of oak from the Sandringham estate. For many years, the members of the royal family have spent the holidays at the estate located in eastern England. Prince Philip was also buried in an oak coffin.

The closed coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will be adorned with many fascinating objects and symbols including her personal flag, the Royal Standard flag, as well as the Orb and Sceptre, both of which are part of the royal family’s crown jewels.

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