Prime Minister's Plunging Neckline Becomes A Hot Issue

 - Sakshi Post

How about having a prime minister who wears an overall with a plunging neckline and makes a fashion statement? Well! The Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin, who is all of 34, has posed for a fashion glossy in her country in a deep-neck jacket and nothing underneath.

While she looked stunningly fabulous and carried off her dress very well, the moral police in her country did not seem to like this. They took to the social media to troll her. Many tagged her photos with the comment “inappropriate” and expressed their displeasure. One netizen wrote, “The role of the Prime Minister is to act as a leader, not as a fashion model.” Some criticised her for not wearing anything under her jacket.

But soon, her supporters began hitting back. They began tweeting with the hashtag #SupportSanna and started slamming the sexist remarks and their value judgement. The hashtag began trending on the Twitter.

Many termed her a role model and an influencer. They said she was leading by example. Sanna Martin is a well-known woman’s rights activist in Finland. She is known to be a leader of the Centrist Leftist democratic socialist leader

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