This Parliament Chaos Seen Never Before Ever After

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As the members of the Andalusia Parliament in Seville, Spain, were about to cast their vote on an important topic, a rat entered the hall. Reuters posted a video of parliamentarians reacting to the rat, which has gone viral.

Marta Bosquet, a regional speaker, was speaking when she noticed the rat inside the room. She screamed on the microphone before covering her mouth in shock. Then, the other members of Parliament got out of their seats and began searching for the rodent, causing chaos in the Parliament.

According to reports, the members were going to cast a vote on whether to anoint Susana Diaz, the former regional president, as a senator for the region or not. The rat attack briefly halted the proceedings, but the members assembled again and Susana Diaz was anointed as a socialist senator for the region. Here is the video, just give a look at it.

The first elections for Andalusia's Parliament, which is based in Seville, were held in 1982. It is currently controlled by a coalition between the People's Party of Andalusia and Ciudadanos, with 109 members elected by D'Hondt system.

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