Pakistani Journalist Chand Nawab's Latest Video is Hilarious

 - Sakshi Post

Chand Nawab, the Pakistani journalist has come back. On social media, a video of him reporting on Karachi's dusty winter winds has gone viral. Nawab is well-known not only in his home nation, but also in India, thanks to his viral videos, which have gone viral on social media due to his unusual reporting style.

"The weather in Karachi is really good, with a chilly and cold wind blowing. City dwellers are welcome to come observe the storm. My hair is flying, I can't open my eyes, and dirt is getting into my mouth. Skinny and weak people should not visit the beach today; otherwise, they will be able to fly with the wind," he says in the video.

He can be seen sitting on top of a camel and commenting on the weather in the later part of the video. “Right now, I'm on the coast of Karachi, not in any Arabian desert.” Dust storms similar to those seen in Dubai and Saudi Arabia can now be seen in Karachi.

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