Pakistan: Nationwide Power Outage After National Grid Goes Down

Pakistan: Nationwide Power Outage After National Grid Goes Down - Sakshi Post

India’s neighbouring state of Pakistan suffered a nationwide power outage leaving the land without electricity since Monday morning.

As per reports in CNN, the nation has been grappling with fuel shortages since the winter months. The country’s Ministry of Energy said in a statement the country’s National Grid went down at 7.34 a.m local time, “causing a widespread breakdown in the power system,” according to initial reports. “System maintenance work is progressing rapidly,” the statement added.

The ministry said that a “limited number of grids” in the capital Islamabad and the city of Peshawar have had power restored. However, it is not clear how long it would take to restore power as efforts are underway to restore power to various parts of the country.

Apart from the fuel crisis the nation is going through several challenges both economically and politically. Pakistan announced its foreign exchange reserves had dwindled and in December, the country’s total liquid foreign exchange reserves stood at $11.7 billion, which is half the amount it held at the start of last year, according to the central bank. (With inputs from CNN)

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