Pakistan Cannot Chase Down Taliban, They Are Ordinary People: Imran Khan

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Recently Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan commented on the Taliban and said that they are ordinary people, normal civilians, who did not do anything. The country cannot hunt them down as they are not of any military group.

It was during an interview with PBS News Hour, that the Pakistan PM spoke about the Taliban and said that they cannot hunt them down when Pakistan itself has around three million Afghan refugees at the borders. He added that there is no proof of the claims made by others. They say that Pakistan has given a home to the Taliban and provided them with money, but where is the proof?

They do not have any proof or evidence to back their claims. They say Pakistan has given haven to the Taliban, I would like to ask, where is this safe haven? Where are the safe havens and sanctuaries that Pakistan supposedly provided for the Taliban? Moreover, the Taliban is not some Military force. They are ordinary citizens. How will Pakistan hunt them down when civilians are present in these camps? What makes you think they're sanctuaries?

Every time someone says that it was Pakistan that helped the Taliban and gave them financial assistance, I feel it is really unjust. If you are making such claims, there should be evidence for it too. Come to us with proof, said Khan.

Our country has been together with the US in its battle with the 9/11 terror attack. Near the Pakistan border, there are at least three million Afghan refugees. We suffered due to all this. He further added that it is all USA’s mistake. They first initiated a military invasion in Afghanistan and then went ahead asking for a diplomatic solution.  

Pakistan wants to be there for peace. We are on the side of peace and not war added the country’s PM. We hope Afghanistan doesn’t end up getting into a civil war.

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