Pak PM Imran Khan Trolled For Posting Bollywood Clip To Talk About Corrupt Local Mafia

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 Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was trolled by citizens for an Instagram post where he used an old Bollywood movie clip with actor Kader Khan in it to talk about the corrupt mafia. 

This was posted on his official Instagram account, the post went viral in no time, and the cricketer- turned -Prime Minister was criticised by social media users.

Imran Khan on Tuesday posted ''It is what has been planned against the PTI govt from day one by the corrupt mafias.” and with the statement, he shared a video clip from the 1984 Bollywood movie Inquilaab where Kader Khan plays the role of a corrupt politician who is giving a speech about the government to his party members on how to topple it. He equated the character of Kader Khan with the corrupt mafia.

Journalist Naila Inayat made a screen recording of the Instagram video and shared it on Twitter. 

The post went viral on social media and Netizens were seen criticising the  Pak Prime Minister.

One user wrote, “You know things have reached a breaking point when Imran Khan uses a clip from a Bollywood film to make a political point on his official, verified Insta account ”

Another remarked A cartoon is enough to destroy pakistan !!

One user stated, “The same Bollywood that is responsible for denigrating social and moral values in Pakistan? Life has come a full circle for Imran Khan.”

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