Over 250 Confirmed Salmonella Infections Detected, EU Health Agency

 - Sakshi Post

Stockholm: Amid fast spreading of monkeypox in the UK, Europe and US, the health officials in Europe say they are seeing an outbreak of salmonella infection linked to chocolate Easter eggs. The European food authorities suspect a connection between the Kinder chocolate products and an outbreak of salmonella.

The salmonella infection, mostly detected in children, has been reported from 14 European countries, Canada and the United States. The European health officials say 266 confirmed cases and 58 suspected cases of salmonella infection were reported throughout Europe and North America.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said that 86.3 per cent of the cases were among children aged 10 or younger. No deaths have been reported.

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Last month a Belgian chocolate factory was shut down after virus strains were identified in 10 of the 81 salmonella-positive samples taken in the Belgian plant in December and January. The EU agency suspects the outbreak is due to the Belgian factory, even though it's been closed down, but its chocolate products' long shelf life and possible storage of products at home may be the cause for new cases. 

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