Osama Bin Laden Wanted Me to Become His Successor, Claims Son 

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London: Slain al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was grooming me to become his successor, claims his son Omar in an interview to The Sun, the UK’s newspaper, PTI reported. 

Recalling his childhood days in Afghanistan, the 41-year-old Omar, Bin Laden’s fourth son, said his father made him fire guns. He said he was a ‘victim’ and he has tried to forget the ‘bad times’ with his father as he used his dogs to test chemical weapons. 

“They tried it on my dogs and I wasn't happy. I just try to forget all the bad times as much as I can. It's very difficult. You suffer all the time,” Omar said.
Omar was born to Bin Laden’s first wife Najwa in March 1981. He says he loves Bin Laden as he is his father and also hates him for ‘what he has one’. 

He is reported to have left Afghanistan in April 2001, months before the 9/11 terrorists attacks in New York. Omar is now living with his 67-year-old wife Zaina in Normandy, France. He is eking out a living by making paintings of mountains. 

Omar was in Qatar on My 2, 2011 when the news of his father’s assassination at the hands of US Navy Seals reached him, according to The Sun

“I said goodbye and he said goodbye. I'd had enough of that world. He wasn't happy that I was leaving,” he told The Sun newspaper. 

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