Not India, Asia's COVID Hotspot is Indonesia

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After India was tagged as the Asian Hotspot of Covid for a long time, another country has now taken over. Indonesia has now become the hotspot of Covid19 cases with a large number of cases being reported every day.

Indonesia has seen a sudden surge in cases and now the number has been more than 40,000 for the past few days. The concerning part is that the patients are also testing positive for the Delta variant. The cases are spreading rapidly near Java Island. While India is reporting a drop in the cases, Indonesia on the other hand is showing an increase.

If we compare the numbers on Tuesday, Indonesia reported over 47,899 new cases which is significantly more than their previous day’s number. On Monday it was 40,427 cases. On the other hand, if we look at cases in India, there was a drop in cases from Monday to Tuesday.  This comparison is concerning as Indonesia’s population is less than India's.

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Looking at the overall ratio, there are at least 132 cases per million people in Indonesia whereas there are 26 per million in India. The testing rate is also down. There aren’t many tests done daily. This has also become an issue for the country.

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