New Curriculum For North Korean Pre-School Kids

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The new curriculum of North Korea says, "Pre-school kids need to spend 90 minutes a day learning about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un."

The main aim behind the idea of 'greatness education' was to cultivate loyalty and trust towards North Korean leadership. According to the reports, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong, has recently directed the improvements in the curriculum of "greatness education" at pre-schools across the country.

Earlier, pre-school kids just had to attend a 30-minute session on Kim Jong Un. The latest programme supposedly tells preschoolers that Kim Jong Un was a brilliant boy when he was just five years old and rode a yacht, did target practice, and loved to learn.

According to South Korea’s intelligence agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made his younger sister Kim Yo Jong as “de facto second-in-command”. Kim Yo Jong gained popularity ahead of her brother's 2019 summit with US President Donald Trump in Vietnam when her efforts to ensure everything went well included carrying an ashtray for the North Korean leader on his journey at a train station.

Her importance in this year's campaign against South Korea demonstrated a major substantive policy role that goes just beyond being Kim's assistant. Officially, she is only an alternate member of the Central Committee's Political Bureau.

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