Netizens Thrilled to See Pluto Image Shared By NASA

 - Sakshi Post

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA shared a picture of Pluto on its social media handles.   "Pluto is shown in a rainbow of colours that distinguish the different regions on the planet. The left side of the planet is mostly blue-green with purple swirls, while the right side ranges from a vibrant yellow-green at the top to a reddish-orange toward the bottom," NASA explained. 

NASA said, "The tiny planet at the end of the solar system isn't really a psychedelic of colours. The phenomenal picture was created by New Horizons scientists, who conducted a flyby study of Pluto for over six months. Pluto has a complex, varied surface with jumbled mountains reminiscent of Europa, networks of carved-out valleys, old, heavily cratered terrain sitting right next to new, smooth icy plains, and even what might be wind-blown dunes."

Here is the post from NASA.

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