Nepal PM Oli's Startling Revelation On Yoga Origin

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After the Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli received slack for his remarks on Lord Rama’s birthplace, he is now back with another claim. According to the PM, Yoga started in Nepal. It originated there and not in India as many believe. He added that India was not even there when Yoga started, so it cannot be possible.

Oli made these claims while speaking at a programme at his residence on International Yoga Day. The Nepal PM said that India was not around during that time, so there are no chances of Yoga being originated there. “Yoga originated in Nepal, not in India. When the concept of Yoga came into being, India was not there,” said the leader stating that India was formed much later.

India initially was like a continent or a sub-continent. After a long time, it was divided into fractions. Many countries were formed then. India that is there today, did not exist in the past. Yoga first came into existence in Nepal. It originated there but the people couldn’t popularize it. Unlike others who credited the saints for this, Nepal always thanked their professors for Yoga.

He credited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for popularizing it. After the Indian leader proposed 21 June every year to be celebrated as Yoga Day, this idea got recognition across the globe. Since 2015, every year, this day is celebrated as the 'International Yoga Day.’

This is the second time that the Nepali Prime Minister has come into the news for his claims and remarks. Earlier he said that Lord Rama was born in Nepal and not in India. The Lord’s birthplace was the Madi area or Ayodhyapuri in the Chitwan district of Nepal, said the PM. Not just this, he also added that Deity Sita died in Devghat in Nepal. These places are in Nepal and not the Ayodhya in India.

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