All Passengers Survive After Russian Plane Crash Lands In Siberia

 - Sakshi Post

A total of 17 people who went missing on Friday as a Russian Antonov An-28  disappeared from radars while flying over the Siberian province of Tomsk were alive. According to RIA news agency citing the emergencies ministry, "A Russian passenger plane carrying 17 people has crash landed outside the Siberian city of Tomsk." According to the local officials, this was the second incident noted in a period of one month.

According to governor Sergei Zhvachkin, the plane was carrying 17 people, including three crew members, and was operated by SiLA, a small airline that operates regional trips in Siberia on turboprop planes.

Two helicopters had been dispatched to search for the plane which was flying to the city of Tomsk from the town of Kedrovy, the governor of the region said.

The officials said that the crew of the flight hadn't reported any problems before the plane disappeared but the emergency beacon has been activated, signalling that the aircraft had a forced landing or crashed.

According to Russian news agencies, the weather in the area was gloomy at the time the plane went missing. The aircraft involved had reportedly been in service since 1982.

A total of ten people have been killed when Antonov-28 slammed into a Kamchatka forest in 2012.

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