Memes Flood Social Media After UK Couple Name Child Pakora

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Nowadays, people are finding new names for their kids. A couple in the UK has named their child after an Indian dish. Yes... What you read is right? The couple who were quite frequent to Captain’s Table restaurant in Ireland, have named their child after the Indian cuisine, Pakora. The restaurant shared the news with a heartfelt post on Facebook.

The restaurant shared the photo of the newborn and wrote, "Now this is a first…welcome to the world Pakora! We can’t wait to meet you! xx". The restaurant also shared a photo of a bill receipt that had the names of some of the dishes that have ‘pakora’ in them.

The father of the newborn wrote: "My wife has just called our newborn daughter Pakora after her fav dish from The Captain's Table, thought you'd like to know."

One of the users wrote,"Does that make her granny her naan?" Another user wrote, "This is my two teens - chicken and tikka." A netizen wrote, "My favourite things to eat during my two pregnancies were Banana Popsicles and Watermelon. Thank God I used the sense I was born with and didn't name my kids after them". One of them wrote, "Me with little Sausage-Roll. Had to be double barrelled because otherwise her first name would just be Sausage, and who would do that to a baby?" Here are some tweets.

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