Melania Trump's Change Of Expression After Smiling At Ivanka Goes Viral

 - Sakshi Post

On the final night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday, where US President Donald Trump accepted his Republican nomination for US polls scheduled for November 3, one clip from the event has gone viral. And NO! It is not of President Trump.

Instead it's the relationship of Melania and Ivanka Trump. Netizens were busy speculating if things were alright between the step mother-daughter duo.

Melania greeted Ivanka on stage with a smile and then turned her face with an eye roll and a death stare. The short clip has gone viral now with millions of views.

Dressed in a Valentino lime green outfit, Melania was on stage with US President Donald Trump as Ivanka approached. Melania smiled at Ivanka and soon after she passed by, the First Lady’s beam turned into an expression where she seemed she was repulsed. Watch the video for yourself:

One user commented, “Melania doesn’t seem to like Ivanka.”

Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump's daughter with his first wife Ivana. She also serves as White House adviser.

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