Mehul Choksi is Not My Sugar Daddy: Barbara Jabarica

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In the Mehul Choksi case, another witness was identified as Barbara Jabarica. She is Choksi’s friend and the one he blamed for his abduction. Although Jabarica denied all the claims and said that she was not even in touch with anyone else from India. There was no sign of abduction, she said.

Jabarica told a news agency that she has said it in many interviews and wants to say it again, she was not involved in anything. She was asked this many times but Jabarica always said that she was not Choksi’s girlfriend. He is not her ‘Sugar Daddy’ or anything. In fact, Jabarica owns a business and has enough income. She doesn’t need cash or jewellery from Choksi.

She further added that the Jolly Harbour area from where Choksi was abducted is really safe. An abduction can't happen from there. When Jabarica and Choksi first met in August last year, there weren’t many talks between them. She said that they only spoke on few occasions and that too about business deals. She knew him as ‘Raj.’ She doesn’t know much about his personal life or any plans that he might have made regarding his escape.

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According to what Choksi told her, they were to leave for Cuba sometime. He wanted to take Jabarica to Cuba. He did not mention anything about Dominica or escaping from Antigua.

As far as Jabarica’s knowledge goes, she says that probably no one in Antigua knew Choksi’s real name or who he was. They had no idea about his background or anything. Even his appearance has changed a lot. He looks a lot different from when they first met.

The fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi who has been on a run was captured in Dominica. He tried escaping through the Carrabien island waters but was later caught. The Antigua police started searching for him. Every one suspected him to have tried fleeing through the waters as there was no record of him flying out of India. The suspicion was right.

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