Man Fulfills Father's Bizarre Last Wish To Drain Down His Ashes Outside His Favourite Pub!

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Everyone has a thought on how they want to go. Some people mention what the family must do with the ashes, once they are gone. A man had a weird last wish which was fulfilled by his son. The man wanted his ashes to be poured outside his favorite pub.

Kevin McGlinchey is the man who requested his family members to pour down his ashes in a drain outside his favorite pub. Before his death at the age of 66, Kevin told his family about his last wish. To honor his words, son Owen and daughter Cassidy poured his ashes down the drain outside Kevin’s favorite pub.

They filmed a video to capture this moment. The ashes were taken into a lager and then poured down the drain. With this the family honored him. This happened in Hollybush in Coventry in the UK.

In the video, we can see son Owen mixing his father’s ashes in beer. He was ready to drain it down as the family was seen encouraging him.  Before pouring the ashes, Owen gave a speech and cleared everyone’s doubts. He said, "As mad as it sounds, this is the last wish he ever wanted, to go down this drain and be here forever.”

The family celebrated as Owen poured the ashes down the drain. Daughter Cassidy said that this was their father’s last wish. He passed away when he was 66. It was a difficult time for all of us and tried to emotionally handle ourselves.

My father would go to this pub a lot and loved this place. He loved Hollybush and would take a walk in the area everyday. He said many times that when he dies, he would want to be reunited with his favorite place. When I die, put me down the drain so I will be able to travel to all my locals. With this, everytime you walk across the drain, you will remember me.

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