Man Accidentally Invited To Group Chat For Hen Party Sends Back Hilarious Response

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Man gets added to group chat for a hen party, declines invite saying 'won't be able to buy a wig for a ladies night.'

A man named Taylor Lowery was mistakenly added to the Women's Bachelor Party group a few days ago. The group is discussing a bachelor party for a girl's wedding. Taylor was confused as to why someone had added him to the group. He wanted to exit the group. But, before that, he himself felt that the group should let them know.

However, one man was left feeling very surprised after he ended up in a group chat for a wedding where he didn't recognize any of the names. He swiftly realized he wasn't meant to be there and decided to have a little fun with it before exiting the group.

For this, he took a video and put it in the group. "Ladies!" My name is Taylor‌ Lowery. Glad you invited me to the Keller Bachelor party. Greetings to Keller. I'm so sorry for not being able to buy a wig to attend a ladies night party.

Luckily the members of the group also found it hilarious - and one of them even shared it on TikTok. Lucy Poore the bride's sister shared the video with the explanation: "When we accidentally added the wrong Taylor Lowery to my sister's bachelorette weekend itinerary and he sent this back." She added in the caption: "Whoops...I love this man for doing this though."

The video went viral on social media. Taylor Lowery handled it like a pro when he was accidentally added to a group chat discussing an upcoming hen party - and people now want him to attend the wedding.

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