London: British PM Boris Johnson Quietly Marries Girlfriend Carrie Symonds

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The British Prime Minister married his girlfriend in a secret ceremony.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds married secretly in London.

London: Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister married Carrie Symonds, his girlfriend of 33 years. Authorities stated on Sunday that the wedding took place quietly on Saturday afternoon at the Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral in London. Only a few of the bride and groom's relatives and friends were present, according to reports.

The wedding will be celebrated next summer with family. Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson have been living together for quite some time. Wilfred Carrie Nicholas Johnson, their son, was born in April 2020. Johnson was Symonds' third marriage and Symonds' first. In February 2020, the couple announced that they were living together and planning to marry. Carrie Symonds recently disclosed that she is expecting her first child.

Boris Johnson with girlfriend
Boris Johnson with girlfriend   

Prime Minister Robert Banks married Jenkinson the last time he was in power, in 1822. Boris Johnson married Alegra Mostin Owen, an artist, and journalist, in 1987, and Marina Wheeler, an Indian-born lawyer, and journalist, in 1993. After 25 years of marriage, Johnson and Wheeler announced their divorce in 2018. In 2020, the divorce was finalized.

Carrie Symonds was born on March 17, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Matthew Symonds' The Independent magazine was co-founded by her father. Lawyer, Mother Josephine In 2010, Carrie Symonds began working for the Conservative Party's Press Office. Boris Johnson joined the campaign team two years later. Following Mr. Jiang's intervention, he is reported to have survived a previous effort to depose him. The communications department was taken over by the Conservative Party in 2018.

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