Libyan Rescuers Found 20 Bodies in Desert Who Died of Thirst

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Kufra, Libya: At least 20 bodies have been found by the rescuers in the Libyan desert close to the border with an African country Chad. The bodies were discovered by a truck driver travelling through the desert on Tuesday, An International Organization for Migration (IOM) official said. 

The deceased were believed to be African migrants, who are presumed to have died of thirst. The bodies were found about 320 kilometres southwest of Kufra, according to the district ambulance service.

“The driver got lost … and we believe the group died in the desert about 14 days ago since the last call on a mobile phone there was on June 13.” Kufra ambulance chief Ibrahim Belhasan said.

Meanwhile, the Kufra ambulance service said in a statement that two of the victims were Libyans and the others were believed to be migrants from Chad crossing into Libya. 

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The ambulance service published a video on Facebook showing decomposing bodies in the desert sand near a pick-up truck.  In a separate incident, a rubber dinghy sank in the Mediterranean with at least 30 people on board.

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