This Lady Prime Minister Joins Batukamma Festivities

 - Sakshi Post

This is the Batukamma festivity season for the Telangana people world over. The Telanganites everywhere are making their exquisite floral arrangements and are performing ritual dance-cum-pooja to the Batukammas. The floral bedecked Batukammas are then consigned to the water bodies with devotion and reverence.

One Prime Minister of a foreign nation is a regular at the Batukamma festivities.

New Zealand’s present prime minister, who had just won a landslide in the recently held elections, Jacinda Ardren is a regular at the Batukamma festivities organised by the Telangana emerges in New Zealand. She has participated in the Batukamma festivities, matched step with step of the Telangana-origin women who celebrated Batukamma.

Jacinda is one-of-a-kind prime minister in that she has visited the Lord Krishna temple in the country, where the Hindus worship. She has removed her footwear and walked into the temple and offered prayers. The Hindu community of New Zealand  has very much appreciated this move. Jacinda, a socialist with Left-of-the-Centre ideology, is known for her simple, accessible and approachable demeanor.

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