Korean Finds Lakhs Stashed Under Second Hand Fridge

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An unusual incident happened recently where a South Korean man found a large amount of cash tapped to the bottom of his newly purchased second-hand fridge. A total of $1,30,000 cash was found tapped to the bottom of the Kimchi refrigerator.

The man bought this fridge online and had no clue about it. The man hailing from Jeju Island in South Korea was shocked to find all that cash. One day he was cleaning the fridge and found the money packed in a transparent sheet, then taped underneath the fridge. They were ₩50,000 (Won) bills.

On August 6, the man went to the police to report the incident and gave them the money he found. He turned in, all the cash. An investigation is now underway to find the owner of the money and the one responsible for selling this fridge. Even the police were confused as they do not come across such cases often. It was very unusual.

There are over three possibilities in this case. First – if the owner of the money has not been found, the fridge owner will get to keep it. He will pay the required taxes and then take the money. This is as per the South Korean Lost and Found Act. When you cannot find the owner, the finder will get to keep the said item (in this case, the cash).

The second scenario is where the owner of the cash is found. In this case, the owner will keep the money, but the finder will also be compensated. The fridge person will get a compensation cut, if the rightful owner of the cash, has been found.

But if there is anything illegal or there is a criminal link to it, this money will go to the police and further investigation will be carried.

Talking about the act of strapping money under the fridge, this is not very uncommon. Many people do that. This is their savings. Some people prefer not going to the bank or do this for hiding the money from their overspending spouses.

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