Kamala Harris, Joe Biden Time Magazine 2020 Person Of The Year

Time Magazine 2020 Person Of The Year - Sakshi Post

Time Magazine has chosen US President elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris to be Person of the Year for this year. Yes. You read that right Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have been chosen as Time Magazine 2020 Person Of The Year.

The duo beat the likes of President Trump, Frontline health workers and Fauci who were among the finalists.

Kamala Harris grabbed the headline soon after Joe Biden announced that he had picked her as the VP candidate for the much talked about US Presidential elections 2020.

Even though it was a closely contested race for the White House between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the latter managed to woo NRI voters through Harris, half Indian and has roots in Chennai through her mother, a Tamilian.

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