K Pop Band BTS Love For Army Evident In Jimin's Gesture Towards Fan

 - Sakshi Post
Bullet point: A beautiful anecdote of Jimin’s love for his fan

Korean pop band BTS’ love and fondness for their fans (ARMY) is a known thing. There have been many instances where the BTS members have done something special for their fans. Here’s another amazing story of BTS’ love for ARMY. 

When BTS was travelling to LA for their global tour last year, a lucky flight attendant got the opportunity to meet them. She met her idols, but couldn’t ask for an autograph due to the attendants’ rules. When member Jimin got to know about this, he did something incredible. Before getting off, he left his autograph on the seat for the attendant. 

Jimin was reading a book throughout the flight. He also arranged his blankets and pillows neatly, before leaving. 

This story was revealed on the Korean Variety show ‘Problem Child in House.’ The question was, “What did Jimin do, when he noticed that the flight attendant was a fan? The answer was revealed by the fan on Weibo. All the guests on the show were left in awe and ARMYs again seeing this fond side of Jimin. 

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