Jobless Oxford Grad Demands Financial Support From Parents For Life

 - Sakshi Post

In what may feel like something that is not really possible, a 41-year-old man sued his parents demanding money. He needed financial help and thus resorted to this step. Well, that’s not it. The man didn’t demand one-time money, instead, he asked his parents to pay for his living for the rest of the life.

In India, it is not bizarre. The parents usually set up a business for their kids and help them for a long time. It is also common that the money parents earned and saved will be later given to the kids or the kids will later take care of their parents. But this is not the case around the world. Generally, the kids are out of the house once they turn 18 and start working for a living.

This is happening in England where 41-year-old Faiz Siddiqui who is also an Oxford graduate has sued his parents. He has lost his job and is currently in need of money. Siddiqui shared that this is his right and he can fight for it.

His parents, Rakshanda (69) and Javed (71) are living in Dubai. Siddiqui claimed that his parents are rich and can support his living. As of now, he is a grown man who is in need of money also because of his health issues. Since Siddiqui has worked in many law firms, he has knowledge of such things and says it is his basic human right.

It was reported in an article by Daily Mail that Siddiqui currently lives in a classy flat near Hyde Park in central London, but the flat belongs to his parents. Since he is unemployed and penniless, he is not able to pay the rent, but he manages somehow. This is because Siddiqui gets Rs. 40,548 (£400) as an allowance from his parents per week.

Now the parents are disappointed by Siddiqui and are planning to cut off the allowance completely. His case has already been rejected by a family court judge last year. But Siddiqui is now fighting for his rights in the Court of Appeal.

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