Jeff Bezos Follows Richard Branson to Space: Details Inside

 - Sakshi Post

The richest man on earth Jeff Bezos is all set to travel to space and he will be taking three more passengers along on this trip. The launch is set for July 20 and you will be able to watch the entire thing via a Livestream. It will be a short trip with Bezos flying to space float for a few minutes in space and get back to earth.

Bezos will fly under the Blue Origin project. He found the company over 20 years ago and since then there have been many successful tests done but none of them were on humans. Bezos and his brother will be flying off to space as the first human test for this space project. The launch will take place near West Texas.

Blue Origin was founded in 2000 and since then they have conducted at least 15 successful tests. But none of the tests had humans on them. Bezos is also the first human trial and that is also the reason why this project is so important. Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen will fly along with Bezos. Funk is 82-years old and Daemen is 18.

The trip is really short which means the risk is less. The flight will slow so that controlling it becomes easy. All the passengers have undergone proper training before taking up something like this. It is important to check their health before these men are sent off to space.

You can watch the launch on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. CT/7:30 a.m. It will be available on Insider’s website.  

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