Japanese Princess Mako Loses Royal Status After Marrying Commoner, Details Inside

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TOKYO: It is a marriage that received mixed responses and opinions from the public and was delayed for more than three years because of a financial dispute involving her new mother-in-law, Japanese Princess Mako married a commoner and lost her royal rank on Tuesday.

Mako and Kei Komuro's marriage document was submitted by a palace official Tuesday morning and their union is now official, confirmed the Imperial Household Agency. The documents were submitted today (October 26) which is seen to be the luckiest date in the Japanese Calendar. Apart from the submission of the documents, there will be no marriage ritual.

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It was confirmed by the agency that there will be no reception or any kind of celebration as not many are in favor of celebrating this marriage.

 The newlywed couple will give statements at a news conference in the afternoon, but will not be answering any questions, added the agency. It was said that because of what happened in the past, Mako was scared of the kind of questions that would be asked.

Earlier it was announced that Mako has been suffering from traumatic stress disorder. The way people reacted to her alliance with a commoner and bashed her and also Komuro, left her depressed. She was deeply affected by all the negativity around her.

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