This Japanese Man Charges 10K Yen To Do Random Things

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Anything is possible nowadays. Like the saying goes, “No job is small,” people can come up with unique ideas for their job. Now, what if I tell you, you can also earn money by doing ‘Nothing.’ A Japanese man has cracked this code as he earns his living by doing nothing.

If you are bored and need a person to talk to, or want someone to simply take a walk with you, this man will do exactly that for you.

Japan based Shoji Morimoto (37), started to earn a living by renting himself to clients. You can hire this Tokyo man for 10,000 yen (Rs 7,000).

Morimoto first offered his services for free in June 2018 but decided to charge people 10,000 yen, in order to lessen the number of requests he gets. Now Morimoto has more than 3,000 requests and a large number of followers on Twitter.

“I offer myself for rent, as a person who does nothing. Is it difficult for you to enter a shop on your own? Are you missing a player on your team? Do you need someone to keep a place for you? I can’t do anything except easy things,” read his ad on twitter.

As the advertisement suggested, Morimoto will not do anything except for easy and simple things. You can hire Morimoto but you will have to pay him 10K yen and extra for travel and food.

You must be thinking why will I pay so much to hire a person who will not even do any major tasks? Well, the world is filled with people who need someone; they need a person to talk to them, to be with them. When Morimoto lends his time and ear to people to just sit and listen to their concerns, it makes them happy.

With more than 270,000 followers on twitter, his service is in demand. Morimoto does random things for random people. Most of his visits last up to two-three hours. He could be doing things as simple as grabbing a bite with someone or sitting in a park, having conversation. But some days, you will also find him accompanying a person to court as a moral support to file divorce.

Going to Disney-Land with a person to revisiting suicide spots with family members of the deceased; Morimoto has done literally everything.

Morimoto says that he is not a friend or an associate. He is free of any ‘relationship tag’ and will help people without any baggage.

Shoji Morimoto completed his post-graduate in physics. He had a job in publications but he soon left it in order to ‘do random things.’

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