Indians Can Still Benefit From US VISA Curbs; Here's How!

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The latest move by US President Donald Trump suspending fresh work visas for the year 2020 has upset hordes of IT companies. The new move, purportedly aimed at 'protecting local job market' in the face of high unemployement in the United States is pushing these companies into redrawing their strategies. But contrary to the popular perception that this move is a bolt from the blue, there is another school of perception that actually sees a 'blessing in disguise' in this move, especially for the Indian companies and workforce.

Yes, you heard that right. Around 3 lakh visa holders from India who are currently residing in the US are likely to get benefited with Trump's fresh move of suspending fresh non-immigrant visas.

Trump has taken this decision of suspending fresh non-immigrant visas, to stop the new workers from other countries entering the US till the end of this year, to avoid the risk of unemployment to Americans.

As per the announcement of Trump all the fresh visas including H-1B, H-2B, L-1A, L-1B and J-1 are suspended and the people who were planning for employment opportunities through any of these visas in the US between June 24 and December 31 won't be allowed into the country.

According to reports, some of the government sources feel that this new policy formulated by Trump will not have any negative impact on the existing H-1B visa-holding Indians in the US. In fact, it will benefit them. As per these sources, the latest work visa suspension actually opens the window to turn this adversity into a great opportunity. Confused?! Read on to know how.

With this latest move of Trump, there will be a shortage of skilled workforce in the country and therefore the Indians who are already working in the US on H-1B visas can make use of this situation and demand higher pay for their work.
As per the studies from organisations like the National Academy of Sciences and Brookings Foundation and Federal Reserve the contribution of non-immigrants in the development and growth of the US is very high.

But still, the US government is left with no option but to go for this decision of suspending fresh non-immigrant visas in view of rising unemployment and weak economic conditions arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The positive perception particularly highlights brighter prospects for India. The shartage of skilled IT workforce in the US post the suspension of work visas is expected to force the American companies into an inevitable 'Look India' policy. Thus, the new policy formulated by the US will indirectly help the growth and progress of India as more services will be diverted to the subcontinent.

All the highly skilled individuals, who have earlier planned to visit the US with H-1B visas will be left with no option but to stay back in the country. So India will have highly skilled individuals, who can contribute their bit for India's growth in different sectors like science and technology.

Whatever the impact of this in future, it certainly adds a new positive dimension amid the gloom that has taken over following the decision of the US president suspending the work visas for the year.

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