How Much is UK Royal Family Spending on Queen's Funeral

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Queen Elizabeth II passed away earlier this month and the state funeral of Lilibet is being held at Westminster Abbey, London on September 19. The state funeral is taking place ten days after she passed away on September 8. According to reports, many years back, a plan called "Operation London Bridge" was made and it's all about Queen Elizabeth's funeral.

"This is the biggest policing operation that the United Kingdom policing has ever undertaken," New York Post quoted Simon Morgan, a former Royal security officer, as saying. "When you look at the other events, they were big -- the Prince and Prince of Wales' wedding in 2011 was the biggest -- but in comparison to this, you can't compare it," he said.

It is all known knowledge that the state funeral is likely to be a costly affair. Reports say that Queen Elizabeth's state funeral is expected to cost more than $10.1 million (over Rs 65 crore). However, there is no official information regarding this.

In the UK, state funerals are publicly funded, and attendance at the Queen's funeral is likely to be around 750,000. The Westminster Abbey normally holds 2,200 congregants but additional chairs have been arranged there to accommodate more than 8,000 people.

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