Here Is The Video Of Doctors Pulling 4 Feet Snake Out Of A Russian Woman's Mouth

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A horrifying video shows a 4 ft snake was surgically removed from the mouth of a Russian woman. A video surfaced online and it has left people absolutely terrified. The woman, reportedly from Levashi village in Dagestan, was sleeping when the reptile crawled inside her mouth without her knowledge. When she woke up, she experienced terrible pains in her stomach and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors had no idea what had happened to the patient and she was kept under general anesthesia. A tube has to be inserted down her throat. In the video, one could see the doctors operating on pulling out the long reptile and they are absolutely shocked to see four feet long snake. It is not known whether the snake is alive or dead and how long it has been inside the body of a woman. Here is the video.

A couple of days ago, a similar incident was reported in which a Chinese man has had a live five-inch long worm in his head for nearly 17 years and the parasite was successfully removed. Chen, from the age of six began feeling numbness in his hands and feet. After losing sensation in the right half of his upper body, he went to a hospital. Finally, surgeons removed the tapeworm from the man's brain.

(Video Source: Twitter)

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