Guntur Woman Gets 'President's Service Award' For Services During COVID In US

 - Sakshi Post

Devaki Shankar Rao's daughter Devaki Asha Jyothi, a native of Vinukonda Mandal of Guntur district was honoured with the 'President's Service Award' for her service to the people in India during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was given the award in the presence of Women Empowerment Telugu Association president Hanumandla Jhansi Reddy and Elected president Shailaja Kalluri. Devaki Asha Jyothi was also given a reward of 250 Dollars.

Devaki Asha Jyothi is one of the persons who helped India a lot during the time of COVID-19 by shipping various types of equipment like Oxymeters, face shields, contactless thermometers, gloves, PPE quits, etc., for the hospitals from America. She also provided financial aid to many people and stood as an inspiration for many.

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