Granny Elopes With Daughter's Boyfriend After Falling Hopelessly in Love

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Imagine you are in love with a guy and your mother also falls in love with the same man and not just that she even leaves you for the man. Well, this has happened with a girl in the UK where the mother ran away with the man the daughter was dating.

In a surprising incident that took place in the UK, a 44 year-old woman who is also a grandmother of six children ran off with her daughter’s boyfriend. The mother left everyone including her kids and grandkids in shock.

The boyfriend and the daughter were dating for a long time and were even expecting a baby. The couple already had a child with a second one on the way but before the birth of the baby, the man ran away with his girlfriend’s mother.

Daughter Jess Aldridge and boyfriend Ryan Shelton moved in with Jess’ mother Georgina Aldridge. They all lived together at the home in Gloucestershire, Britain. Ryan and Georgina’s affair began during this time.

24 year-old Daughter Jess has now given birth to her second child. She shared that she was in shock and was devastated upon knowing what her mother and boyfriend had done.

After Georgina and Ryan fled, Jess spoke with her mother regarding this and in return Georgina responded by saying that she had fallen in love with Ryan. “These things cannot be helped and something unexpected happens.”

Ryan followed what Georgina said and confessed he had fallen in love. "I don't care what everyone thinks, I am in love with Georgina and I don't care who knows about it. Other people's opinions don't bother me at all,” shared Ryan.

Jess is now left alone and has to take care of two children by herself. She said she feels betrayed and is still in shock. “I am left alone and those two didn’t even bother to call me once, nor have they said sorry.” 

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