Google Mulls Revised Salary Structure, Pay Cut For Employees Working From Home

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Many people are still doing Work from Home as the cases have not gone down and some just opted for it as they feel more comfortable that way. But even the companies have a new rule regarding it now. Recently Google came up with an internal pay calculator that will break down the employees’’ salaries based on where they work. If it is WFH or in office, your salary will depend on that.

According to the calculation, the cost of living comes down when you are doing WFH, the expenses are relatively less. So, based on the requirement and other factors, the calculator will breakdown the salary. It will differ for everyone and will be based on your remote location.

This can hit those who work remotely. Some people travel long distances to reach the office that is why they choose to continue WFH as it has finally solved their issue. But now, this will result in their salary getting affected. The company may give them a pay cut.

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It is different for different locations and will depend on where you travel from. For those living in New York City, there will be no salary cut. Those living in five boroughs of New York City will have no pay cut. They can continue to work from home but the same is not the case for employees living in other areas. If you are living nearby Stamford, Manhattan, and anywhere near the office will see a salary cut. The cut can be 5%, 10%, or even 15% depending on the area.

The Google calculator works on US Census Bureau metropolitan statistical areas or CBSAs. The breakdown is severe and moving further away from the office is not going to help. It might only lead to higher pay cuts. It is expected that other giants like Twitter and Facebook are also planning to follow the same method.

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