Germany, Belgium Face Worst Floods After Heavy Rains

 - Sakshi Post

As disastrous floods continue to sweep Germany, Belgium, it has made the situation worse. Due to the heavy floods, the officials are now worried that the loss of lives will be more than expected. Many were left without homes and it also led to the loss of lives.

According to German officials, more than 100 people must have lost their lives and many more than that have lost their homes. People are stranded and homeless. Communities have been washed with many having no place to go. The problem became worse as people had no means to communicate and call for help. Phone lines and towers lay in ruins.

The casualty count is increasing with 103 people dead in Germany. This was said to be one of the most catastrophic natural disasters that happened in many years. The floods were so severe that they laid waste to many residencies. As for Belgium, the death count was comparatively less but it was still devastating. At least 20 are dead and more than that are missing.

The concern extends to the dams as well. Near the dams, there were many ponds and fishing facilities and other things that are now gone. The damage is more than any floods in recent times. The last time something like this happened was 20 years ago.

Apart from this, the power supply is gone and phone lines are facing issues. As the cell towers were washed away too, the people were left with no mobile connection. The number of people who need treatment has increased but unfortunately, even the hospitals are full. Unfortunately, some hospitals also received some damage.

Around 4500 people were evacuated from near the Steinbachtal dam. Roads there were closed. France sent out some help including 40 military persons to help with the rescue operation.

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