George Floyd Killing: Trump Threatens To Dispatch US Military To Stop Violence

 - Sakshi Post

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said that he was sickened by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Protests and marches are underway in various parts of the US. If governors fail to stop the demonstrations then Donald Trump would deploy the military.

Trump in his Rose Garden remarks said that,“If a city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

He further added that, “I am mobilizing all federal and local resources, civilian and military, to protect the rights of law abiding Americans.” The president remarked that, “Today I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets. Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming presence until the violence is quelled."

During his address Donald Trump said that he was taking a swift and decisive action to protect capital, Washington DC. He streessed that, "As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property.”

Donald Trump conducted a teleconference with governors Monday and told that, “You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you. You’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.”

Trump also told the Governors that "General Milley is here who’s head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, a fighter, a warrior, and a lot of victories and no losses. And he hates to see the way it’s being handled in the various states. And I’ve just put him in charge.”

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