Galwan Valley Clash: China Intrudes Into Indian Territory Ahead Of Top Commanders Meeting At Chushul

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NEW DELHI: A military stand off between India and China on the disputed Ladakh killed at least 20 Indian soldiers of late. Amid the escalating tensions at the borders, sources say that China's forces have intruded 423 metres into Indian territory. High-resolution satellite images acquired by NDTV show that as of June 25, Chinese forces have installed 16 Chinese tents and tarpaulins, and a minimum of 14 vehicles have been found in the 423 metre stretch of Indian territory.

A document published by the Ministry of External Affairs in 1960-61 gives the information about India's questions and the China's responses in talks that have been held between the two sides. When asked about the height of some peaks and the location of particular passes, China listed a series of important coordinates of their claim.  According to this, "After the alignment passed over the two peaks, it went south along the mountain ridge, where it crossed the Galwan river at Long. 78° 13' E, Lat. 34° 46' N." A search of these coordinates on Google Earth Pro indicates that the Chinese have occupied 423 metres of Indian territory along the Galwan river valley.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 'Mann Ki Baat' speech on Monday didn't mention the name of the country but said that, "Those who cast an evil eye on Indian soil in Ladakh have got a befitting response. India honours the spirit of friendship. She is also capable of giving an appropriate response to any adversary, without shying away."

Vikram Mistry, India's Ambassador to Beijing asserted that, "The resolution of this issue is quite straight forward from our perspective. The Chinese side needs to stop creating obstruction and hindrances in the normal patrolling patterns of the Indian troops.''

According to the sources, top military officials from both India and China will meet for the third time on Tuesday in Chushul in Leh district and the meeting is likely to start at 10.30 am on Tuesday morning. The last two meetings were held in Moldo on the Chinese side and the main agenda of this meeting is to ensure that the border tensions are resolved. (Inputs from NDTV)

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