Five Inch Long Worm Living In Chinese Man's Brain Since 17 Years Removed!

 - Sakshi Post

A Chinese man has had a live five-inch long worm in his head for nearly 17 years. The parasite remained in his head for many years. Now the tapeworm has been successfully removed. The 23-year-old said that, "From the age of six he began feeling numbness in his hands and feet. After losing sensation in the right half of his upper body, he went to a hospital."

Chen consulted a doctor in 2015, by then he has lost sensation in the right side of his upper body. The patient known by his surname Chen told doctors besides numbness, he often had headaches and nausea. Doctors suggested that the patient's illness was the result of eating raw or half-cooked meat, such as frogs or snakes.

According to the reports, the parents of Chen had difficulty in moving their hands and legs. So, Mr Chen believed that he is also having genetic problems, ignored the symptoms and never went to a hospital.

On Tuesday, surgeons successfully removed the tapeworm from the man's brain at Wuchang University's First Associated Hospital in eastern Chinese Jiangsu province.

Many incidents have been reported from various countries, where people complained of pain in different parts of the body due to the worms.

In 2018, doctors found a 5-inch-long tapeworm in the brain of a Chinese and he was diagnosed with sparganosis. It is a type of infection caused by the tapeworm larvae known as Spirometra. He experienced seizures and other strange symptoms for years.

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