Endgame Of Covid-19 Crisis In India Is Mass Vaccination: Anthony Fauci

 - Sakshi Post

Anthony Fauci, top health expert and Chief Medical Adviser to US President Joe Biden, has said that the only solution to put an end to this dangerous coronavirus pandemic is by getting people vaccinated. He also said that the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines should be increased both on the domestic as well as global front.

He said, "The endgame of this coronavirus pandemic is people getting vaccinated. India is the largest vaccine-producing country in the world. They've  their own resources."

He added, "That's why other countries need to join in so as to get their vaccine supplies to the Indians to manufacture their own vaccines or to get vaccines donated. Another way to do, is to have big firms that are capable of making vaccines should produce vaccines on a large scale so that hundreds of millions of doses will be manufactured."

He further stated that the oxygen situation was really critical and India should build makeshift field hospitals like China did a year ago.

He also stressed on the need for a country wide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus. He wondered that how India is going to break the chain of transmission without lockdown.

He said that vaccines can be used to arrest the spread of disease and another way is to go for a complete shut down. He said that he had advised India in the past and some of the states have followed. 

He termed the situation in India 'Very Desperate'. He said that a nationwide lockdown for a few weeks would help to break the continuity and transmission of infection.

Currently, India is trying hard to cope with an unprecedented second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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