Elon Musk Sets Target to Increase Twitter Users

 - Sakshi Post

Elon Musk addressed Twitter employees for the first since he agreed to buy Twitter in April. Elon Musk opened up about his plans for improving Twitter services. According to sources, Musk discussed growth, potential layoffs, anonymity, Chinese apps, and so on with Twitter employees. Musk joined the meeting remotely, which was live-streamed internally. Leslie Berland, Twitter's chief marketing officer, asked some questions submitted by employees. 

In the meeting, Musk said that he wanted a billion people a day to use Twitter.  He also mentioned that only 229 million people are using Twitter daily right now. He added that his definition of success would also include whether Twitter is helping further civilization and consciousness. Earlier, Elon made a statement that his employees at Tesla to come back to work in their offices 40 hours a week or resign. So, Twitter employees questioned the same on in-person work while Musk replied it would only option for those who are expectational at their jobs. Musk said his bias is strongly towards working in person. Interesting Elon Musk said that he doesn't care about being CEO of Twitter, because he isn't too hung up on titles. 

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