Egypt: Scorpion Swarm Kills 3, Scores Rushed to Aswan University Hospital

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Since Friday, a scorpion swarm caused by thunderstorms in Egypt's southern city of Aswan has killed three people and injured about 500 others, bringing many of them onto the streets and into people's houses. Many of the attacks took place in the hilly areas.

According to Egypt's Al-Ahram, 89 individuals were admitted to Aswan University Hospital, with hundreds more seeking care in other facilities. Doctors have also been called back from vacation to treat these patients. Anti-venom dosages have also been distributed to medical centers in more remote areas.

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Aswan's governor, Ashraf Attia, temporarily banned ships from sailing too close to the city on the Nile and Lake Nasser on Friday. Due to complaints of poor vision caused by the storms, he also ordered the temporary closure of some highways. On Saturday, road and marine travel resumed.

People living in high-risk areas were advised not to roam around much and stay away from heavy bushes and trees. It is better to stay home as heavy rainfall and storms have made it difficult.

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