Donald Trump Makes Sensational Comments On Mark Zuckerberg

 - Sakshi Post

We all know that Donald Trump was suspended from three social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The former president is currently fighting a class action lawsuit against three of the country's biggest tech companies - Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube after he was censored out of the social media platforms in the wake of the US Capitol Riots in January this year. He called these tech giants Sick.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said that "These people are sick. He (Zuckerberg) used to come to the White House to kiss my a**. He and his wife used to have dinner with me at the White House. Then you see what they do about me and it's just sort of crazy."

He further added that his presence on Twitter had transformed it from a failed operation to success. He also said that now Twitter has become a boring place because he was not on the microblogging site. He stated that, "A lot of people think Twitter was bad for him. But I disagree. I think Twitter was good for me. When I went on to Twitter like 12 years ago, it was a failed operation. And it became successful and a lot of people said I had a lot to do with it."

Trump lashed out at Joe Biden for the way he has handled Afghanistan's situation. He also spoke about how the media treated him and Biden.

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