Covid19 Situation in Japan’s Osaka Worsens

 - Sakshi Post

Osaka: The situation doesn’t seem to be coming under control in Japan. The number of cases in one of Japan’s largest city is on an increase now. Osaka is seeing a rise in Covid cases now, so much that the hospitals are now facing a shortage of beds and medical supplies. Experts have warned against any large public events especially, Olympics.

Over 9 million people are living in that region but the fourth wave of the pandemic has left the numbers to increase. Especially in May, Osaka city has seen a rise. It is 7% of the total population but their count is high.

When you talk about the Olympics, it is not going to be possible to hold the event anytime soon. For a few months, it is best to lay off. It is a global event that Japan was to host but given the situation, it will not be possible now. Inoculation drive is going on in Japan now but the pace is relatively slow.

The spread of the UK variant in the country has put the hospitals in a turmoil state. Till now the number was not too high in the country. The daily cases reported were relatively less but the fourth wave has hit hard. Osaka reported 3,849 new positive cases on Thursday.

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