Covid Comeback in China, Records Highest Spike in Cases

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China is currently witnessing its worst outbreak of coronavirus in two years. On Sunday, 3,100 fresh locally transmitted cases have been reported in a single day, which is the highest in two years. 

Shanghai-based renowned infectious disease expert Zhang Wenhong said that it is the most difficult period for China since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He further stated, "If China reopens quickly at this time, new cases would surge in a short time. The domestic medical system would be overloaded and the society grinds to a halt, causing irreparable damages."

Since March 2020, China has imposed strict lockdowns and restrictions in the country. After the Omicron variant cases, China further tightened the measures so as to contain the spread of the transmissible variant. The Chinese Government has taken up 'Zero COVID Policy' to deal with the COVID-19 crisis which is extremely rigid. Public places like schools, colleges, supermarkets, malls, and tourist areas have been under lockdown. In Shanghai, for example, authorities have temporarily shut down schools, businesses, restaurants, and malls.

Jilin province, in China's northeast, recorded more than 1,000 fresh cases for the second day in a row, on Monday. The health authorities in Jilin City said that they are working round the clock to construct a makeshift hospital that will provide 6,000 beds and it will be completed in six days.

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