Cost Of Chicken Nugget From BTS Meal Would Shock You!

 - Sakshi Post

Chicken is one of the most favourite foods for the non-veg lovers. Most of the people love to gorge on chicken fried rice, chicken biryani and some other recipes made out of chicken. Now, coming to the cost of the chicken, even if we buy some of the tasty recipes made out of chicken, it would cost not more than Rs. 10,000 right! But my dear readers, here is the interesting news. The cost of a chicken nugget is around Rs. 73 lakh. Shocked! But, it's true. Don't worry... We are here to tell you the story behind this.

Fast food giant McDonald has collaborated with Korean sensation BTS to create a new BTS Meal. The meal is currently being served across the world in a unique, purple-coloured packaging and it has been created specially for the brand. Most of the fans are going crazy over the meal and according to the reports, a chicken nugget from the BTS meal has sold online for a whopping Rs. 73 lakhs!

It is said that the chicken nugget was sold by a user named 'Polizna' who stays in Utah in the United States. The bidding of the chicken nugget continued for two whole days on eBay, where it was finally sold for USD 99,997 or Rs. 73 lakhs.

Why the chicken nugget was so much in demand?

The chicken nugget had got so much demand because, it was a part of McDonald's BTS meal and secondly, the shape of it was special and it is similar to a character from the famous game, 'Among Us'.

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