Bizarre Video Of Half-Sunk Car’s Rescue From Sea Goes Viral

Man battling to save his half-sunk car in Kent, UK - Sakshi Post

A bizarre moment of a car owner trying desperately to save his car from drowning in the sea was captured on camera. The strange incident of a car finding its way into the water on a beach happened in the United Kingdom.

According to a Daily Mail report, the dramatic visuals were captured by one Lee Dolby of Kent in UK and posted on social media, instantly making it one of the most viral for the bizarre nature of the incident. The visual captures the scene at a time the car owner is battling chest-high water currents to rescue his car that was already half-sunk.

The hapless man is seen wading through the waves to save his Volkswagen Golf. Perhaps, the car owner was paying the price for parking his car too close to the water in his hurry to unload a jet ski from the vehicle. But before the man, engrossed in unloading the jet ski, could realize, the retreating strong water currents pushed the car into the sea in no time. Taken completely by surprise, he frantically waded to get his car out of the water. But he soon realized that it’s too difficult to handle alone.

This is the time Lee Dolby turned on his camera and filmed the fiasco even as another person on a jet ski circled the area in a bid to push the water back and help the car owner save his vehicle. Someone else, who is not in the frame, is also overheard, saying “He just lost his car,”

Posting the dramatic visuals of a bizarre incident on the beach on his Facebook page, Dolby (40) said: “Just popped down the beach for an hour with the boys and see this fella trying to unload his jet ski and parked a little too close.”

Take a look at the video here:

The video soon went viral garnering more than 3.6 lakh views and many thousands of comments from shocked viewers. Some of them were hilarious while some others, a bit cheeky. “En-golfed in water,” commented one person, taking a funny jibe at the make of the car while another wrote, “How unlucky.”

But more than anything, as the video shows towards the end, the rescue operation was eventually successful as one of those present there helped the car owner with a rope to tie and tow it back to safety.

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