BBC Radio Caller Abuses PM Modi's Mother On Live Show In UK, Triggers Anger

 - Sakshi Post

An audio clip from BBC Asia Network’s show ‘Big Debate’ has gone viral on social media and has sparked outrage as a caller when asked a question by the anchor used derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother.

The clip is from an episode ‘Do you feel proud seeing the turban being referred to as a crown in Eastenders?’ hosted by anchor Priya Rai on BBC Sounds, which was aired on Monday,

In the three-hour-long show, Rai took several calls and one of them was from one man Simon, who in Punjabi abused the Prime Minister’s mother. The remarks allegedly came when the discussion digressed towards the farm laws stir going in India for the past three months at the borders of the national capital of Delhi. The program, however, has been edited and the part has been removed so what led to the remark could not be verified.

During the debate which was about racism against Sikhs and Indians in the UK, the discussion veered toward the ongoing protests in Delhi following three agricultural reforms passed by the government. In course of the show, one of the callers spoke offensive words against PM Modi’s mother, Heeraben Modi.

A video of the incident was shared on the social media site Twitter and many have since commented about the post. Many slammed the radio show host as well as the organization for not objecting to the comment and allowing it to air.

Meanwhile, Thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab, Haryana, and western Uttar Pradesh, have been camping at Delhi border points for nearly three months to press for the repeal of the three agricultural laws enacted in September last year and a legal guarantee on the minimum support price (MSP). Protests have been taking place in Punjab as well.

Last week, protesters sat on tracks at many places on the Delhi-Ludhiana-Amritsar railway route in Punjab as part of the ‘rail roko’ protest. Security was tightened in the state, with personnel of the government railway police and the state police forces being deployed.

In the edited program, the anchor issued an apology for the abuses hurled by the caller on the BBC show.

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